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nature, vegetable, red onion

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Red Onion at Union Spuare Market, New York | Photography
Thomas McMahon
2009 © McGraphics
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Red onions, sometimes called purple onions, are cultivars of the onion with purplish red skin and white flesh tinged with red. These onions tend to be medium to large in size and have a mild to sweet flavor. They are often consumed raw, added for color to salads, and grilled or lightly cooked with other foods. They may lose their redness when cooked. Red onions are available throughout the year. The red color comes from anthocyanidins such as cyanidin.
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In 1976 the Council on the Environment of New York City established the Greenmarket program which provided regional small family farmers with opportunities to sell their fruits vegetables and other farm products at open-air markets in the city. The most famous is the Union Square Greenmarket held Mondays Wednesdays Fridays and Saturdays between 8 AM and 6 PM year round. 250 000 customers a week purchase 1 000 varieties of fruits and vegetables at the market. The variety of produce available is broader by perhaps a factor of ten than what is found in a conventional supermarket.Union Square is also known for the Union Square Holiday Market which is held November 23 through December 24. Temporary kiosks are filled by over 100 artisans who sell items ranging from candles and perfume to knitted scarves and high-end jewelry.Union Square is a popular meeting place given its central location in Manhattan and its many subway lines. There are many bars and restaurants on the periphery of the square and the surrounding streets have some of the city's most renowned (and expensive) restaurants. S. Klein's department store promoted itself in the middle 20th century as an "On the Square" alternative to higher prices uptown and late in the century several big-box chain stores established a presence including Barnes & Noble Babies "R" Us Staples and Circuit City. In addition the W Union Square Hotel opened at the park's northeast corner in the landmark building that formerly housed the Guardian Life Insurance Company of America. oilseed radishes are grown as the name implies for oil production.
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