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stock photos, stock photo, fine art prints, stock photography, digital artwork, digital oil painting, digital watercolor, digital stock photography, photo, photographer, artist, artisan

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1949 Frazer Manhattan | Antique Car | Stock Photo
Thomas McMahon
2012 © McGraphics
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1949 Frazer Manhattan, the "Frazer" car was made 1947-1950 by the Kaizer-Frazer Corp. of Willow Run, Michigan. Total Frazer production was 151,983. There were 10,223 1949 Manhattans made. The Manhattan was the luxury car of the Kaiser-Frazer line. The engine is a "flat head" 226 cid 6 made by Kaiser-Frazer. The transmission is a Borg Warner T-86 overdrive, and the brakes are self adjusting. Tis model was also made in a "four door" convertible, with just 65 produced. Named for longtime American automobile executive Joseph W. Frazer who was now president and general manager of Kaiser-Frazer, the Frazer was styled by Howard "Dutch" Darrin with some input from other K-F stylists. The new Frazer won the Fashion Academy of New York Gold Medal for design achievement. Production began on May 29, 1946 and the Frazer made its public debut June 29, 1946. There was one basic four-door sedan body shell that was shared with the similar but lower-priced (by $200 to $600) Kaiser. The Frazer used the Continental Red Seal 226 CID "Supersonic" L-head six powerplant which reached 115 hp by the end of Frazer production at the conclusion of the 1951 model year. The luxury line Frazer Manhattan Series F47C was introduced on March 23, 1947 at a $500 premium over the original Frazer Series F-47, which continued on as the Standard. By 1948, Frazer sales totaled about 1.5% of all American cars built.
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